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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Log Lines for 'To Each Their Own' the play.

Log Lines are 'elevator pitches' - what you would tell someone in 30 seconds or less - about your story.  This is the current 'official' Log Line for TETO (thanks to Guy Hamling, my writing partner)
'To Each Their Own'
In Shakespeare's Kingdom of Illyria, a storm at sea causes three slaves to be mistaken for Nobles at the court of their Master's enemy.  When their Masters wash ashore and are made into their servants, the new 'Nobles' must decide if taking every advantage is better than simply being Free.

Here is the short version:
'To Each Their Own' - a modern Elizabethan stage comedy.
Three slaves, mistaken for Nobles at the court of their master's enemy, must train their masters to be servants to save all of their lives.

 If you are an official fan of TETO, you, of course, need to memorize both.

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